Press release: PitPoint member of LNG Motion project initiated by Axègaz to be awarded with a € 27.8 million grant from the European CEF-Transport programme

Paris, 23-06-2016

The LNG Motion project, initiated by Axègaz, is included on the proposed funding decision by the European Commission to be awarded with a € 27.8 million grant from the Connecting Europe Facility for Transport (CEF-T). The LNG Motion Action aims to pave the way for a large scale rollout of LNG fuelling stations for truck transport along the TEN-T core network corridors.

The Proposed Action: LNG Motion
The LNG Motion project encompasses a study to evaluate the commercial, operational, technical, regulatory and environmental aspects of LNG fuelling in truck transport. In addition, the feasibility of using bio-LNG as a fuel option and a standardised LNG fuelling payment system will be studied. Axègaz will perform a real-life trial in which 42 LNG fuelling stations are constructed across Europe. The stations will be located along the TEN-T core network corridors covering France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Romania. In addition, 200 LNG fuelled trucks will be deployed across the EU to gather data, while 400 more will be invested in, outside of the scope of this Action. Results of these real-life trials will facilitate the large scale rollout of LNG fuelling across Europe after the project period.

The proposed Action fits with the European Union (EU) policy to reduce CO2 emission and support the use of alternative fuels. Natural gas, in compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) form, has proven to be a clean alternative fuel source for truck transport. Currently, truck transport (mostly fuelled by diesel) is responsible for approximately 5% of the total EU CO2 emissions. LNG reduces the emission of Greenhouse gases (GHG) such as CO2 by around 15%, and the emission of particulate matter (PM), and NOx by up to 90% compared to diesel.

Highest European added value
The budget was highly oversubscribed, and the European Commission selected only the projects with the highest European added value. The LNG Motion project has been applied within the priority “New Technologies and Innovation”. A total budget of € 60 million is made available for projects within this specific CEF-T priority. In short, the proposed grant for the LNG Motion project makes up almost half of this call’s budget. Wouter Schilpzand, Senior consultant Hezelburcht: “The requirements for CEF-T proposals are high, and the competition is fierce. Any CEF-T application requires 100% commitment, and a good deal of preparation. Applicants Axègaz, clean fuel supplier PitPoint, Mabanaft and GCA, proved up to this challenge, and I am happy to congratulate them with this initial triumph!”

Edouard de Montmarin, Business Development Manager, Axègaz: “A large scale European network coverage combined with a big fleet of heavy goods vehicles will enable to convince the market of all the environmental, technical and economic benefits of LNG as a near-future massive fuel for massive transport.”

What’s ahead?
The proposed funding decision must now be formally approved by the Connecting Europe Facility Coordination Committee, which will meet on 8 July 2016. Adoption of the decision by the Commission is expected for end July 2016.

About Axègaz:
Founded in 2012 by professionals from the energy industries, AXÈGAZ is a simplified joint stock company with its registered offices in Levallois-Perret (in the Hauts de Seine department of Greater Paris), and is a natural gas supplier offering an innovative solution (liquefied natural gas, an energy product with a high disruption potential, delivered by lorry). Since its launch, AXÈGAZ has raised 3.7 million euros from specialist investment funds, and calls on specialists in industrial financing for investments in its infrastructures. AXÈGAZ has also received support from the French public investment bank BPI (Banque Publique d’Investissement). Working with its partners, AXÈGAZ offers custom-designed solutions to enable its customers to finally benefit from the many advantages of natural gas, both in industry and transport; it is developing a project for the construction of a network of public service stations supplying natural gas in compressed and liquefied form. AXÈGAZ’s key clients are renowned transport companies such as J.PERRENOT and STAF. AXÈGAZ is a member of the Association Française du Gaz (AFG [French Gas Association]), the Association Française du Gaz Naturel Véhicule (AFGNV [French Association for Natural Gas for Vehicles]) and NGVAEurope, and is also an active contributor to interaction with the authorities about the subjects of LNG distribution regulation in France. For more information about AXÈGAZ, visit www.axegaz.com.

About Hezelburcht:
For over twenty years Hezelburcht has provided (full service) grant support to assist our clients in achieving their strategic, financial and innovative ambitions. Our knowledge of grants, including regional and European programmes, as well as our experience in both the public and private sectors enable us to offer a full spectrum of services related to grants. Hezelburcht employs more than 70 professionals specialised in the fields of Energy & Environment, Food, High Tech Systems & Materials, Chemistry, ICT, Life Sciences and Health, Logistics & Transport and the public sector. Through intensive discussions with funding agencies and by building bridges between grant providers and beneficiaries, we increase the success rate of projects and reduce project risks.

About GCA:
Founded in 1932 and currently managed by Mrs. Delphine André, the granddaughter of the original founder, the Charles André Group (GCA) has successfully developed and diversified its historic road haulage business to meet its clients’ needs, and is a Europe-wide player in the transport and logistics realm. The family-run group recorded a sales turnover of one billion euros in 2015, mainly from its businesses of logistics for dangerous goods, automotive logistics and interior tank cleaning. GCA cultivates its values of dependability and professionalism through a European network of subsidiaries/affiliates servicing industrial customers. GCA has been in the multimodal transport business since 1978, and took over the businesses of Novatrans (a former subsidiary of the SNCF group) in 2013, so as to avail it expertise in railway transport and develop a complementary offering of road transport that is more ecologically friendly yet financially sustainable. The enterprise is working towards reducing its polluting emissions, holds the CO2 label certification, and is a signatory to the ADEME charter. For more information, visit www.charlesandre.com

About PitPoint:
PitPoint constantly works on the expansion of clean fuel stations in Europe for governments, businesses, and individuals. Through constant innovation and investment in CNG/Biomethane, opening new CNG/Biomethane and LNG filling stations, facilitating electrical charge stations and the construction of hydrogen stations, PitPoint is making it possible to drive and provide cleaner air at the same time. PitPoint is the preferred supplier of CNG/Biomethane and LNG in the Netherlands. For more information on PitPoint, visit www.pitpoint.nl/en or contact Iris Kleynen (iris.kleynen@pitpoint.nl or +31 6 5744 3586).

About Mabanaft:
Mabanaft, founded in 1956, is the trading division of Marquard & Bahls, a Hamburg-based family- owned company that operates in the fields of energy supply, trading and logistics. The Mabanaft Group as an independent supplier concentrates on physical oil trading. Its core business includes regional trading and wholesale, retail business to end-consumers, operation of service stations, and bunkering. In addition, the Group is involved in trading liquid gas, coal, as well as liquid and solid biofuels. Through its subsidiaries and representative offices, Mabanaft is well positioned in all important regions worldwide. However, northwestern Europe is the historical base of Mabanaft's trading business. The sales volume in 2015 was over 21 million tons. In Germany alone, Mabanaft handles approx. 1,800 barge tours annually. More than 2,300 employees currently work for Mabanaft and its subsidiaries. More than 100 companies belong to the Mabanaft Group, spread over five continents and three business units: Mabanaft Trading, Mabanaft Retail, and Mabanaft Bunkering. www.mabanaft.com , www.marquard-bahls.com

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